AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-10-08Add gst-*-autocleanups.hHEADmasterXavier Claessens5-1/+36
2015-09-29common: update for new suppressionTim-Philipp Müller1-0/+0
2015-09-29rtsp-media: Take reference to media that will be preparedSebastian Rasmussen1-1/+2
2015-09-25Release Dröge5-23/+105
2015-09-18Release 1.5.911.5.91Sebastian Dröge5-23/+81
2015-09-17stream: fix docs for recently-added get/set_buffer_size APITim-Philipp Müller2-5/+11
2015-09-09rtsp-media: Don't crash on encrypted RTX SDPJan Schmidt1-9/+19
2015-09-03test-mp4: Support filenames with spaces in them. Error out on too few argumentsJan Schmidt1-1/+6
2015-09-03test-record: Check parameter count and print out helpJan Schmidt1-0/+5
2015-09-03rtsp-stream: Implement UDP buffer size setting.Jan Schmidt3-3/+64
2015-09-03rtsp-media: Fix small typo causing gtk-doc to complainJan Schmidt1-1/+1
2015-08-19Release 1.5.901.5.90Sebastian Dröge5-24/+126
2015-08-16media-factory: get port number through gst_rtsp_url_get_portHyunjun Ko1-2/+4
2015-08-13media-test: Removing unnecessary assertionFrancisco Velazquez1-4/+0
2015-08-10Document that source keeps a ref on server until it's destroyedXavier Claessens1-0/+8
2015-08-08media-test: Test for multiple dynamic payloadNicolas Dufresne1-5/+83
2015-08-08media: Only add fakesink once per pipelineNicolas Dufresne1-4/+6
2015-08-08Revert "rtsp-media: Only add 1 fakesink per pipeline"Nicolas Dufresne1-5/+5
2015-08-07rtsp-media: Only add 1 fakesink per pipelineNicolas Dufresne1-5/+5
2015-07-30rtsp-media: assertion error due to wrong condition checkVineeth TM1-1/+1
2015-07-29rtsp-media: Strip keys from the fmtp that we use internally in our capsSebastian Dröge1-0/+18
2015-07-20threadpool: Fix possible warning in gst_rtsp_thread_pool_cleanup()Xavier Claessens1-1/+2
2015-07-03Automatic update of common submoduleStefan Sauer1-0/+0
2015-06-24Back to developmentSebastian Dröge1-5/+5
2015-06-24Release Dröge5-61/+168
2015-06-23rtsp-client: allow application to decide what requirements are supportedOgnyan Tonchev3-12/+187
2015-06-16Automatic update of common submoduleNicolas Dufresne1-0/+0
2015-06-16rtsp-media: Always use real payloader when creating streamsOgnyan Tonchev1-1/+15
2015-06-13test-netclock: Use gst_pipeline_set_latency() to set a high-enough, equal lat...Sebastian Dröge1-0/+4
2015-06-12test-netclock: Use new ntp-time-source property on rtpbinSebastian Dröge2-2/+2
2015-06-11test-netclock: Setting the same base time on sender and receiver is not neces...Sebastian Dröge2-4/+0
2015-06-11rtsp-stream: add description for gst_rtsp_stream_request_aux_senderHyunjun Ko1-0/+11
2015-06-11docs: add missing typesHyunjun Ko1-0/+27
2015-06-11docs: add missing apisHyunjun Ko1-0/+19
2015-06-10test-netclock-client: Use ntp-sync=TRUE and buffer-mode=SYNC for proper synch...Sebastian Dröge1-1/+1
2015-06-09GstRTSPAuth: Add client certificate authentication supportXavier Claessens3-4/+188
2015-06-09test-netclock-client: Use new GstClock API to wait for clock synchronizationSebastian Dröge1-2/+2
2015-06-09test-netclock-client: Use a GMainLoop and playbin's source-setup signalSebastian Dröge1-20/+60
2015-06-09Automatic update of common submoduleEdward Hervey1-0/+0
2015-06-08Automatic update of common submoduleStefan Sauer1-0/+0
2015-06-07Automatic update of common submoduleStefan Sauer1-0/+0
2015-06-07Automatic update of common submoduleStefan Sauer1-0/+0
2015-06-07docs: remove variables that we define in the snippet from commonStefan Sauer1-3/+0
2015-06-07Automatic update of common submoduleStefan Sauer1-0/+0
2015-06-07Back to developmentSebastian Dröge1-5/+5
2015-06-07Release Dröge5-167/+996
2015-06-03rtsp-client: No flush during Teardown.Göran Jönsson1-9/+0
2015-05-27tests: Use AM_TESTS_ENVIRONMENTTim-Philipp Müller1-1/+1
2015-05-20rtsp-server: Use single-include rtsp header to make sure we get all definitionsSebastian Dröge2-4/+2
2015-05-05rtsp-media: Mark some more functions staticSebastian Dröge1-2/+2