BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
GLIB_1_1_3_MARTINdefine G_GNUC_UNUSED.Tim Janik21 years
GLIB_1_1_4_THREADSAdded module headers, made gtree.c thread-safe.Jeff Garzik21 years
GLIB_1_3_HACKSmerge from HEADJeff Garzik21 years
GLIB_2_15_02.15.0Matthias Clasen12 years
debug-stringsg_parse_debug_string(): support subtracting from "all"Will Thompson9 years
document-asyncDocument a simple implementation of GAsyncInitableWill Thompson10 years
gdbusDon't hold lock when doing callbacks for watching/owning namesDavid Zeuthen11 years
glib-1-2Fixed typo. (#78985)Sebastian Wilhelmi18 years
glib-2-0Updated Finnish translation from Lauri Nurmi.Pauli Virtanen17 years
glib-2-10Updated Slovenian translationMatej Urbančič10 years
glib-2-12Updated Arabic Translation by Djihed Afifi. Djihed Afifi12 years
glib-2-14Updated Slovenian translationMatej Urbančič10 years
glib-2-16Updated Dzongkha TranslationPema Geyleg11 years
glib-2-18Avoid integer overflows in the base64 functions. Fixes CVE-2008-4316Matthias Clasen11 years
glib-2-2Added British translation from Dave Lodge <>Gareth Owen16 years
glib-2-20Fall back to inotify_init if inotify_init1 does not workJosselin Mouette10 years
glib-2-22Drop empty elements from the VS9 vcproj filesTor Lillqvist10 years
glib-2-4Updated Slovak translation.Marcel Telka15 years
glib-2-6updated nepali translationPawan Chitrakar14 years
glib-2-8Free with free() and not g_free() what has been allocated with calloc().Tor Lillqvist14 years
glib-main-loopCommitting main loop changes into a branch for the moment.Owen Taylor21 years
glib-threadsforgot to add gthread/gthread-nspr.cSebastian Wilhelmi21 years
gobject-performanceOnly add object to list new objects when it has a custom constructorBenjamin Otte10 years
gobject-performance-2Check node refcount > 0 instead of node->data != NULL in lockless codeAlexander Larsson10 years
gresolverGResolver wrappers: GNetworkAddress, GNetworkService, GSocketConnectableDan Winship11 years
gsettingsMerge commit '2.22.2' into gsettingsRyan Lortie10 years
gvariantserialiser changes WIPRyan Lortie10 years
gvariant-utilssmall tweakRyan Lortie10 years
laxer-uri-parsingGFile: accept URIs containing percent-encoded / in pathWill Thompson9 years
masterUpdated Portuguese translationDuarte Loreto9 years
miscg_value_array_remove(): clarify docstring formattingWill Thompson9 years
misc-macro-docsAdd some symbols to glib-sections.txtWill Thompson9 years