BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
androidandroid: build libwayland-cursorPekka Paalanen8 years
android-0.85Fix printf format warningsPekka Paalanen8 years
android-4.0.1_r1.2-aremove unused assert.h includesPekka Paalanen8 years
android-4.0.1_r1.2-bandroid: build libwayland-cursorPekka Paalanen7 years
eventwrappersserver: fix type mismatches on event sendingPekka Paalanen8 years
eventwrappers-v2server: fix event sending type mismatchesPekka Paalanen8 years
for-0.85server: do not create wl_client if accept() failedPekka Paalanen8 years
for-0.85bos: add wayland-os.cPekka Paalanen8 years
latchedprotocol: elaborate on wl_bufferPekka Paalanen7 years
latched-2protocol: elaborate on wl_bufferPekka Paalanen7 years
masterwayland-server: Free non-legacy wl_resource structs during wl_client_destroyKristian Høgsberg6 years
remove-absprotocol: remove absolute coordinates from pointerPekka Paalanen8 years
shellsurfserver: document wl_resource_post_event() argumentsPekka Paalanen8 years
shellsurf-v3server: do not send delete_id to a dead clientPekka Paalanen8 years
subsurface-v1protocol: add sub-surfacesPekka Paalanen7 years
subsurface-v1.5protocol: add sub-surfacesPekka Paalanen7 years
subsurface-wipsub-surface error changePekka Paalanen7 years
tomeu/16bppshm: Add API for renderers to register additional pixel formatsTomeu Vizoso6 years
tomeu/raspberrypi-16bppshm: Expose wl_shm_create_poolTomeu Vizoso6 years
wl_fixed_tmake wl_fixed_t a safe typePekka Paalanen8 years