AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2016-06-07cros_ec: Sync commands.h with current version in EC codebasestabilize-8429.BNicolas Boichat1-2/+20
2016-06-03vboot: ec: Store vboot hash for EC image in a separate fileJulius Werner1-60/+17
2016-06-03reef: Update fmap.dts for IFWI and SIGN_CSE regionsFurquan Shaikh1-3/+7
2016-06-02Gale Board: Disable ADSS clock branchVaradarajan Narayanan2-0/+4
2016-05-31reef: Correct fmap.dts detailsFurquan Shaikh1-2/+3
2016-05-31reef: fmap: Mark ro-vpd region as wiped to ffFurquan Shaikh1-0/+2
2016-05-31reef: fmap: Correct the ifd region markingFurquan Shaikh1-10/+1
2016-05-28reef: increase BIOS region sizeAaron Durbin2-9/+9
2016-05-27Gru: add usb initial supportLiangfeng Wu1-0/+19
2016-05-27Kevin: add usb initial supportLiangfeng Wu1-0/+11
2016-05-26mmc: retries all failed commands.Vincent Palatin1-2/+2
2016-05-26vboot: Remove legacy main routinesRandall Spangler17-510/+1
2016-05-26Kevin: Add support audio path with max98357aXing Zheng2-5/+27
2016-05-26sound: Use the general GpioOps paramater for max98357aXing Zheng4-6/+5
2016-05-26reef: Sync fmap.dts with chromeos.fmd and fix offsetsFurquan Shaikh1-11/+46
2016-05-26i2c: cros_ec_tunnel: Add support for enabling pass-thru protectionNicolas Boichat2-0/+50
2016-05-26elm: Enable CONFIG_DRIVER_BUS_I2C_CROS_EC_TUNNELNicolas Boichat1-0/+1
2016-05-26reef: fmap.dts: Add label for device-extension regionFurquan Shaikh1-0/+1
2016-05-26reef: fmap.dts: Add missing semicolonFurquan Shaikh1-1/+1
2016-05-26cros_ec: Sync commands.h with current version in EC codebaseNicolas Boichat1-0/+127
2016-05-24oak: Fix memory leak in backlight_update()Julius Werner1-18/+22
2016-05-24config: Ensure sane minimum heap sizes across boardsJulius Werner7-7/+7
2016-05-24kevin: enable keyboardVadim Bendebury2-8/+19
2016-05-24gru: enable keyboardVadim Bendebury2-8/+19
2016-05-21veyron_*: Remove obsolete ChromeboxesDavid Hendricks20-1486/+0
2016-05-21Amenia: the changes to support 512KB device extensionBora Guvendik1-1/+1
2016-05-18cbfs: Adapt to new libpayload CBFS APIstabilize-8350.68.Bstabilize-8350.21.Brelease-R52-8350.BJulius Werner2-17/+19
2016-05-17add initial reef mainboard supportstabilize-8337.BAaron Durbin4-0/+301
2016-05-16Gale drivers: Use block mode for I2CVaradarajan Narayanan2-27/+25
2016-05-16[HACK]APL: Force warm reset instead of cold resetZhao, Lijian1-1/+10
2016-05-14mtk-mmc: Add tune_reg to support more EMMC devicesChaotian Jing3-7/+20
2016-05-13checkpatch: Ignore LINE_SPACINGJulius Werner1-0/+1
2016-05-13Gale board: Clear crash magic number before rebootVaradarajan Narayanan2-0/+9
2016-05-12Gale board: Enable TPMKan Yan2-3/+2
2016-05-12Depthcharge: Add ameniaBora Guvendik4-0/+274
2016-05-12power/pch: provide apollolake power off opsBora Guvendik2-0/+12
2016-05-11i2c: Add support for read/write block operation, and setting/clearing bitsNicolas Boichat2-0/+82
2016-05-10driver: storage: support rk3399 sdmmc clock settingLin Huang5-2/+93
2016-05-10Gru: add initial supportLin Huang3-0/+98
2016-05-10Kevin: add initial supportLin Huang3-0/+109
2016-05-10driver: gpio: support rk3399 gpio driverLin Huang5-2/+33
2016-05-09driver: storage: rename rockchip storage driver nameLin Huang28-31/+32
2016-05-05i2c: Add support for CrOS EC tunnelNicolas Boichat4-0/+241
2016-05-05cros_ec: Make vboot_hash_image static.Nicolas Boichat1-2/+3
2016-05-05cros_ec: Export ec_command functionNicolas Boichat2-3/+19
2016-05-04mmc: dwc: fix some build warning when use ARM64 platformstabilize-8282.BLin Huang1-2/+2
2016-05-04mmc: sdhci: make sure get the coherent/uncached memory when do dma transferhuang lin3-11/+64
2016-05-04mmc: sdhci: fix some build warning when use ARM64 platformhuang lin1-2/+2
2016-05-04mmc: sdhci: add SDHCI_QUIRK_CAP_CLOCK_BASE_BROKEN propertyhuang lin6-14/+25
2016-05-04gpio: rockchip: refactor rockchip gpio driverLin Huang21-31/+56