AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2015-06-08debug: Add basic CLI commands for I/O and PCIstabilize-7155.BDuncan Laurie3-0/+219
2015-06-08fastboot: Allow full fastboot capability if GBB flag is setFurquan Shaikh3-7/+21
2015-06-08fastboot: Add more messages to display progress on screenFurquan Shaikh1-35/+38
2015-06-08smaug: Add BCB supportFurquan Shaikh2-0/+12
2015-06-08smaug: Re-arrange the partition tableFurquan Shaikh1-6/+4
2015-06-08boot: Add support for bcb partitionFurquan Shaikh7-8/+322
2015-06-08glados: Update mainboard for proto0Duncan Laurie3-53/+99
2015-06-07Mickey: fix hwid checksumjiazi Yang1-1/+1
2015-06-06vboot: Move vboot_update_recovery to stages.cFurquan Shaikh3-16/+17
2015-06-06base: Add gpt function wrappers to baseFurquan Shaikh4-31/+96
2015-06-04vboot: Allow override for kernel GPT entry priorityFurquan Shaikh3-1/+41
2015-06-01vboot/fastboot: Use common path for booting the kernel imagestabilize-7134.BFurquan Shaikh3-19/+18
2015-05-29vboot: Increase max parsed fw components to 6stabilize-7131.BFurquan Shaikh1-1/+1
2015-05-29smaug: Add support for obtaining user confirmationFurquan Shaikh1-0/+19
2015-05-29fastboot: Add support for unlock/lock of device in firmwareFurquan Shaikh4-10/+102
2015-05-28Disable boot retry countdown if lid is closedPatrick Georgi2-3/+33
2015-05-27fastboot: Correct the response for getvar secureFurquan Shaikh1-2/+2
2015-05-27fastboot: Update fastboot boot functionFurquan Shaikh1-7/+21
2015-05-27smaug: Add bl31 component to fmap.dtsFurquan Shaikh1-4/+4
2015-05-27Kunimitsu : Add Kunimitsu board under DepthchargeNeeraj Tayal5-0/+451
2015-05-27Adapt to interface changes in libpayloadJulius Werner2-8/+6
2015-05-26Strago: Disable CONFIG_OPROM_MATTERSBernie Thompson2-2/+0
2015-05-26pseudo keyboard: Fix bug in final state selectionFurquan Shaikh1-1/+11
2015-05-26boot_policy: Add function API to get kernel ptr from bootimgFurquan Shaikh2-5/+30
2015-05-24Revert "smaug: Add bl31 component to fmap.dts"Furquan Shaikh1-4/+4
2015-05-23smaug: Add bl31 component to fmap.dtsFurquan Shaikh1-4/+4
2015-05-22Romy: Initial importDavid Hendricks5-0/+383
2015-05-22Mickey: Initial importDavid Hendricks5-0/+383
2015-05-20veyron_brain: Minor cleanupsDavid Hendricks1-6/+6
2015-05-16smaug: Add gbb-flag-force-fastboot-full-cap to fmap.dtsstabilize-7077.134.Bstabilize-7077.123.Bstabilize-7077.122.Bstabilize-7077.111.Brelease-R44-7077.Bfactory-test-7077.114.Bfactory-arkham-7077.113.BFurquan Shaikh1-0/+1
2015-05-16fastboot: Add capability support for different modesFurquan Shaikh4-10/+203
2015-05-16vboot: Add helper function to check if device is in developer mode.Furquan Shaikh2-0/+6
2015-05-16Cyan: Enable BSW audio beepFang, Yang A13-4/+1470
2015-05-15fastboot: Correct fastboot getvar responseFurquan Shaikh2-6/+9
2015-05-14Cyan: clean up fmap.dts comments and HWIDBernie Thompson1-11/+11
2015-05-11fit: Select default config if there is no compat match.stabilize-7060.Bstabilize-7059.BFurquan Shaikh1-3/+4
2015-05-07mkbp: Repair broken keyboard FIFO handlingJulius Werner1-4/+5
2015-05-06smaug: Enable video supportJimmy Zhang3-3/+76
2015-05-06depthcharge: add platform policy to limit sd/mmc host capsKenji Chen6-9/+46
2015-05-06smaug: Add video configJimmy Zhang1-0/+4
2015-04-27Smaug: Enable audio support (RT5677 codec)stabilize-7039.Bstabilize-7019.Bstabilize-7018.BTom Warren3-2/+32
2015-04-27cros_ec/mkbp: Check interrupt line before polling keyboard stateJulius Werner7-1/+24
2015-04-21purin: adjust load addresses for kernel and dtbDaisuke Nojiri1-2/+2
2015-04-21cros_ec: Fix misaligned data accessShawn Nematbakhsh1-1/+26
2015-04-21cros_ec: Add missing delay after /CS assertion in send_command()stabilize-6996.BDavid Hendricks1-0/+4
2015-04-17fastboot: Move conditional inclusion to top-level MakefileFurquan Shaikh2-4/+7
2015-04-17Depthcharge-Strago : Remove SATA support & Enable EC support.Neeraj Tayal2-8/+4
2015-04-16cyan: Enabled EC support.Kevin K Wong2-1/+3
2015-04-14mtk_i2c: Add DMA support and remove the workaroundliguo.zhang2-352/+194
2015-04-11vboot: changes in vboot source should be honoredVadim Bendebury1-0/+1