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authorJonny Lamb <>2011-11-10 17:03:38 (GMT)
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Chan.I.FT.Metadata: improve tp:rationale for a{sas}
Signed-off-by: Jonny Lamb <>
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diff --git a/spec/Channel_Interface_File_Transfer_Metadata.xml b/spec/Channel_Interface_File_Transfer_Metadata.xml
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--- a/spec/Channel_Interface_File_Transfer_Metadata.xml
+++ b/spec/Channel_Interface_File_Transfer_Metadata.xml
@@ -73,11 +73,20 @@
simple string → string hash table one should have exactly one
member in the value string list.
- <tp:rationale>A string list is used instead of a single string
- because that is what <a
- href="">data
- forms</a> use by default, and so one can transfer RDF
- triples.</tp:rationale>
+ <tp:rationale>
+ This property is an a{sas} primarily because this maps
+ easily to <a
+ href="">XEP-0004
+ Data Forms</a>, and allows more structured metadata than
+ a{ss} would. (For instance, a list of RDF triples could be
+ expressed as one long array of strings, or as three-element
+ values for a series of dummy key names, rather than as one
+ big string blob.)
+ While it might be convenient for applications to allow keys
+ of arbitrary types, the added convenience would be
+ outweighed by having to define the XMPP representation
+ </tp:rationale>
<tp:member name="Key" type="s"/>