BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
master- fix kiwi failure on second run in existing envAdrian Schröter5 years
obs_2.0make sha256sum run optional, old systems like SLE 10 based don't have it.Adrian Schröter9 years
patches-to-checkAlter /CurrentlyBuilding to tell Ubuntu's pkg-create-dbgsym that we know abou...Simon McVittie5 years
trivial-for-upstreambuild: Parse the architecture field in the dscSjoerd Simons5 years
obs_2.5.0obs_2.5.0.tar.gz  obs_2.5.0.tar.xz  Adrian Schröter6 years
obs_2.4.2obs_2.4.2.tar.gz  obs_2.4.2.tar.xz  Adrian Schröter6 years
obs_2.4.1obs_2.4.1.tar.gz  obs_2.4.1.tar.xz  Adrian Schröter6 years
obs_2.0obs_2.0.tar.gz  obs_2.0.tar.xz  Adrian Schröter9 years