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2011-11-05new version that works with Cairo colorWalter Bender1-4/+3
2011-10-28sensors example revistedWalter Bender1-0/+33
2011-10-05adding new example code for using serial deviceWalter Bender1-0/+21
2011-10-05added comments to describe usageWalter Bender2-9/+18
2011-10-04account for block overlap by adding back 4 pixels (#3115)Walter Bender1-1/+2
2011-06-21added option to play soundwaves or TamTam filesWalter Bender1-5/+46
2011-06-21adding csound python-block exampleWalter Bender1-0/+99
2011-05-25adding sample code useful for manipulating SVG outputv108Walter Bender2-0/+34
2011-05-18added language supportWalter Bender1-1/+13
2011-05-08added language supportWalter Bender1-2/+10
2011-04-15code cleanup of gstreamer record exampleWalter Bender1-60/+58
2011-04-11new sample for recording audioWalter Bender1-0/+229
2011-04-08added COPYING file and reduced size of comments at the top of each code block...Walter Bender13-318/+63
2011-04-05update comment to reflect changes to codeWalter Bender1-3/+2
2011-04-04move the turtle into position to place the next block in the stackWalter Bender1-4/+4
2011-03-24added more psuedo code to comment as per #2709Walter Bender1-0/+6
2011-03-22revert mouse behaviourWalter Bender1-7/+3
2011-03-21added comments to Python samples (#2709)Walter Bender12-11/+72
2011-03-21adding subdirectory TurtleArt to import pathsWalter Bender3-3/+3
2011-03-21FLAG DAY: passing TurtleWindow instead of LogoCode instance as 1st argumentWalter Bender12-91/+92
2011-03-19added some additional comments to the sample codeWalter Bender1-6/+11
2011-03-19looking up index instead of hardwiring itWalter Bender1-3/+5
2011-03-19moved regeneration of palettes to show_palette method; added new exampleWalter Bender1-0/+42
2011-03-03added pitch optionWalter Bender1-2/+17
2011-02-27Avoid computing the x and y twiceRaul Gutierrez Segales1-2/+4
2011-02-27enab;e setting defaultsv106Walter Bender1-22/+38
2011-02-26pep8 cleanupWalter Bender11-58/+62
2011-02-26load multiple blocks at onceWalter Bender1-26/+36
2011-02-26doing the extra work of docking the block and disassociating the mouseWalter Bender1-0/+21
2011-02-25python sample code for loading a block from the palette onto the canvasWalter Bender1-0/+38
2011-02-23code cleanupWalter Bender1-3/+5
2011-02-23adding text to speach sample codeWalter Bender1-0/+39
2010-12-07adding new sample program: play a sinewave through the speakerWalter Bender1-0/+33
2010-11-21mapping to turtle coordinate space (#2502)Walter Bender1-2/+2
2010-11-16putting python sample code into individual filesWalter Bender8-0/+442