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TODO: Add tasks for interface names, gateway selection and ObjectManager
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Support other time sources like cellular, GPS in addition to NTP.
+- Get interface names from src/device.c
+ Priority: Low
+ Complexity: C2
+ Instead of using ioctls in connman_inet_ifindex and connman_inet_ifname,
+ utilize the information already provided by netlink in src/device.c.
+- Simplify gateway selection code
+ Priority: Low
+ Complexity: C4
+ The service list is always sorted according to preference with the
+ first service always owning the default route. See if update_order and
+ find_default_gateway in src/connection.c can be modified to use the
+ sorted service list instead of walking through the gateway_hash.
+- Support D-Bus ObjectManager
+ Priority: Medium
+ Complexity: C4
+ Support D-Bus ObjectManager by using functionality already present in
+ ./gdbus. Method calls and signals are already registered with gdbus, but
+ properties and replies especially in Agent are still handled with plain
+ dbus library function calls.
+ With this, Manager API is removed, and a WiFi P2P API based on
+ ObjectManager common to Linux desktops can be implemented.