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masterupdates unit test build composer.json to latest phabricator changesChristopher Johnson5 years
workboard-fixesRemoved 2 commented out function calls in SprintColumnTransaction.php and tid...Nick Milner4 years
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2015-04-09updates unit test build composer.json to latest phabricator changesHEADmasterChristopher Johnson3-8/+8
2015-04-09minor lint changesChristopher Johnson11-78/+76
2015-04-09css changes to enable horizontal scroll in dataTablesChristopher Johnson5-12/+15
2015-04-09updates Sprint controllers and views to upstream D12304 (8 April)Christopher Johnson9-45/+30
2015-04-09adds Conduit methods for Sprint creationChristopher Johnson5-12/+146
2015-03-27updates and fixes selenium browser testsChristopher Johnson23-583/+87
2015-03-27updates c3 and d3 JS librariesroot6-773/+1325
2015-03-27adds exporter to events and tasks tablesChristopher Johnson13-17/+3627
2015-03-26synchs upstream changes to ProjectMoveController and TaskEditController with ...root9-40/+38
2015-03-04correct path in READMEChristopher Johnson1-5/+6