BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.2-ccAdd round up 128 macroNicolas Dufresne6 years
1.2-cc-deliveryAdd round up 128 macroNicolas Dufresne6 years
boyer-moorebytereader: Optimise using part of Boyer-Moore algorithmNicolas Dufresne6 years
deadlockbasesrc: Don't reallocate buffers when flushingNicolas Dufresne2 years
mastergst: check non-null before dereferenceVíctor Manuel Jáquez Leal3 years
nextWIP Add binding support for Arrays and ListsNicolas Dufresne3 years
seek-on-readyWIP: Add seek on ready support to GstBinNicolas Dufresne7 years
static-pluginsplugin: Unify static and dynamic plugin interfaceNicolas Dufresne3 years
CC-FINAL-1.2CC-FINAL-1.2.tar.gz  CC-FINAL-1.2.tar.xz  Nicolas Dufresne6 years
CC-code-drop-2CC-code-drop-2.tar.gz  CC-code-drop-2.tar.xz  Nicolas Dufresne6 years
CC-code-drop-1CC-code-drop-1.tar.gz  CC-code-drop-1.tar.xz  Nicolas Dufresne6 years
CC-MS1CC-MS1.tar.gz  CC-MS1.tar.xz  Nicolas Dufresne6 years