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2016-09-22python: add script to plot station views classified in driver.Lubosz Sarnecki1-0/+22
2016-08-18python: add thrid classification method.Lubosz Sarnecki3-117/+150
2016-08-12add nicer command line optionsLubosz Sarnecki1-102/+97
2016-08-10python: remove 48khz constantLubosz Sarnecki5-10/+8
2016-08-10python: analyse ticks and sweeps by occurance order.Lubosz Sarnecki2-7/+20
2016-08-09python: analyse timestamp order. fix bug in intermediate data structure.Lubosz Sarnecki2-18/+67
2016-08-04python: add possibility to export annotated csv. add readme.Lubosz Sarnecki3-12/+78
2016-08-03python: rename some methods.Lubosz Sarnecki3-14/+11
2016-08-03python: split classification method into separate files. clean up plot functi...Lubosz Sarnecki6-582/+599
2016-08-03fixup: split into files.Lubosz Sarnecki2-263/+5
2016-08-03python: split functions into files.Lubosz Sarnecki4-0/+257
2016-08-03python: fix interactive light sensor position plot.Lubosz Sarnecki1-4/+3
2016-08-03init: add some docs, dumps, plots and a python script.Lubosz Sarnecki1-0/+1094