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2017-05-18Remove unneeded and dying headers.mpi1-3/+18
2017-05-12Update to py-qtconsole 4.3.0shadchin3-5/+9
2017-05-08mandoc(1) now supports .ta, drop USE_GROFF and bumpschwarze1-2/+2
2017-05-06adjust distinfo post DISTFILES changeespie1-2/+2
2017-04-24Update to osh 4.3.1, reminded by J.A. Neitzel (upstream).pascal2-4/+4
2017-03-24Bugfix update to 5.3.1pea2-6/+9
2017-03-05Import py-qtconsole 4.2.1, ok and tweak danj@shadchin4-0/+132
2017-02-25Remove ports that don't work on LP64 archs.naddy10-526/+1
2017-02-24mark for entry in shells(5);naddy2-3/+4
2017-02-20Adapt after the struct ipipstat members size bumpjca2-2/+32
2017-02-02From Matthew Martin. Tested by pea@ and me. OK pea@ (MAINTAINER).juanfra9-130/+53
2017-01-28Update to osh 4.3.0; enable regression tests.pascal4-13/+33
2017-01-28update to 4.4 patchlevel 12naddy2-3/+5
2017-01-26fix build after recent network changesnaddy4-2/+36
2017-01-25update to 4.4 patchlevel 11naddy2-3/+15
2017-01-18update to 2.44 for various fixes and better POSIX compliancenaddy4-10/+21
2016-11-11Update to bash 4.4. See the announcement atnaddy4-53/+114
2016-11-01update to 4.3 patchlevel 48naddy2-3/+7
2016-10-24Update to dash-
2016-09-23Cope with moving sqlite3 back to ports.sthen1-4/+7
2016-09-10First pass at pre-entively fixing ports that would break once guenther's headerajacoutot2-2/+13
2016-09-02handle RTF_MASK removalsthen2-1/+15
2016-09-01retire sparcjasper1-3/+1
2016-06-23update to newer nsh snapshotsthen3-5/+23
2016-06-22update to 4.3 patchlevel 46naddy2-4/+11
2016-06-09Update to dash-0.5.9jca2-5/+4
2016-06-05As pointed out by Yozo TODA, renamed to OSDN in 2015.sthen1-2/+2
2016-05-31zap old @pkgpath entry in shells/tcshsthen2-3/+3
2016-05-30use MASTER_SITE_SOURCEFORGE_JPnaddy1-2/+2
2016-05-27update to newer nsh snapshotsthen2-5/+5
2016-05-24update to 20160524 snapshot of nshsthen3-18/+5
2016-05-19update to new nsh snapshot, including jca's patch to remove IPV6CTL_V6ONLYsthen4-28/+5
2016-05-18Update to 4.2.1, from upstream maintainer J.A. Neitzel.pascal2-7/+7
2016-05-15Update to new upstream version 4.2.0, bump EPOCH. Fix some nits in DESCR andpascal4-13/+13
2016-05-07Update my mail address.pascal2-5/+6
2016-04-21Import yash 2.41.naddy5-0/+267
2016-04-13link static flavours of shells to the buildsthen1-1/+4
2016-04-13add an optional static flavour to nshsthen2-10/+18
2016-04-09replace libiconv module with library dependency; no bump needednaddy1-5/+4
2016-04-05and another one.. add queue.hsthen1-0/+11
2016-04-05needs queue.h for mbuf.hsthen1-0/+11
2016-04-05replace gettext module with library dependencynaddy1-3/+4
2016-04-04g/c PFRAG.sharednaddy3-44/+42
2016-03-20Remove SHARED_ONLY from all CPAN Perl ports and the cpan and perl MODULES.naddy1-1/+2
2016-03-09remove substituted uses of CONFIGURE_SHARED, NO_SHARED_LIBSnaddy2-5/+3
2016-02-15mark broken on sparc, bash segfaults on any non-trivial shellscript and hastobiasu1-1/+3
2016-01-13Update to new snapshot 20160108.pascal2-4/+4
2015-12-21- add completion type for object filesjasper8-14/+126