BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
1.0Adjust for GstCaps changesJoshua M. Doe7 years
1.0-joshtests: update rest of tests to 0.11Joshua M. Doe7 years
callbacksQGlib::Callback experiment.George Kiagiadakis9 years
gigeneratorDon't use pkg-config variables directly in FindGObject.cmake.George Kiagiadakis8 years
mastercmake: Add QTGSTREAMER_FOUND in QtGStreamerConfig for compatibilityGeorge Kiagiadakis7 years
qt-gobjectInitial Value <-> QVariant support.George Kiagiadakis8 years
qtvideosink-0.11qtvideosink: Initial port to gst-0.11George Kiagiadakis8 years
qtvideosinktestWIPGeorge Kiagiadakis8 years
RELEASE-0.10.2RELEASE-0.10.2.tar.gz  RELEASE-0.10.2.tar.xz  George Kiagiadakis8 years
RELEASE-0.10.1RELEASE-0.10.1.tar.gz  RELEASE-0.10.1.tar.xz  George Kiagiadakis9 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2013-06-10cmake: Add QTGSTREAMER_FOUND in QtGStreamerConfig for compatibilityHEADmasterGeorge Kiagiadakis1-0/+4
2013-06- pre-releaseGeorge Kiagiadakis1-1/+1
2013-06-09Update NEWSGeorge Kiagiadakis1-0/+37
2013-06-09docs: Mention Qt5 support in the documentation and bring the README up-to-dateGeorge Kiagiadakis2-16/+41
2013-06-09cmake: Determine whether to use OpenGLES based on what Qt is using on the tar...George Kiagiadakis1-9/+21
2013-06-09FindQt4or5: fix compatibility with older cmakeGeorge Kiagiadakis1-2/+3
2013-06-09includes: Stop using <QtModule/QtClass> style includes outside of src/George Kiagiadakis29-142/+71
2013-06-09qml: Rename QtGStreamerQML to QtGStreamerQuick1 for less confusion and fix it...George Kiagiadakis3-11/+18
2013-06-09cmake: Improve QtGStreamerConfig.cmakeGeorge Kiagiadakis1-7/+40
2013-06-09elements: Rename qtvideosink and its variants in Qt5 to make it parallel inst...George Kiagiadakis13-32/+81