BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
addressing-wipSome twisted tests tweaks.Eitan Isaacson9 years
invisibility[tests/twisted] Return an error on privacy lists IQs by default.Eitan Isaacson9 years
masterAdd GABBLE_PERSIST to the manpage.Will Thompson9 years
more-stream-errorsUse GEnum fro jingle reasons.Eitan Isaacson9 years
power-saveFree a GError* in conn_util_send_iq_finishEitan Isaacson9 years
presence-refactorRefactor:Eitan Isaacson10 years
protocol-addressingUse new addressing GInterface API. Fix review nitpicks.Eitan Isaacson9 years
sasl-once-againAdd a NULL check for GAsyncResult in dbus methods, an additional sanity check.Eitan Isaacson10 years
send-iq-asyncFree a GError* in conn_util_send_iq_finishEitan Isaacson9 years
shared-statusUse _dispose function for unregistering iq handler.Eitan Isaacson9 years
verificationConnect channel closed signal at constructor.Eitan Isaacson10 years
xep0186-precedenceCheck for cases when server supports both XEP-0186 and privacy lists.Eitan Isaacson9 years