AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2014-05-26website: Fix running instructions to use `scan-build make`HEADmasterPhilip Withnall1-3/+2
2014-05-26scripts: Fix the path used when running tartan uninstalledPhilip Withnall1-2/+2
2014-05-26scripts: Handle LLVM micro versions in tartan scriptPhilip Withnall1-1/+16
2014-05-26build: Handle LLVM versions with a micro componentPhilip Withnall1-5/+5
2014-05-25scripts: Remove an unnecessarily hardcoded stringPhilip Withnall1-2/+2
2014-05-25scripts: Improve error handling in tartan scriptPhilip Withnall1-0/+7
2014-05-25website: Improve usage instruction formatting and wordingPhilip Withnall1-25/+41
2014-05-25clang-plugin: Fix error message formatting in GVariant checkerPhilip Withnall7-60/+60
2014-05-25clang-plugin: Simplify GVariant checker error message codePhilip Withnall1-9/+2
2014-05-25clang-plugin: Port GVariant checker to use TypeManagerPhilip Withnall2-169/+89
2014-05-24clang-plugin: Move type lookups out into a new TypeManagerPhilip Withnall5-69/+180
2014-05-22clang-plugin: Make all checkers inherit from a Checker parent classPhilip Withnall12-36/+137
2014-05-22clang-plugin: Tidy up namespacing for checkersPhilip Withnall11-4/+42
2014-05-22clang-plugin: Allow checkers to be individually disabledPhilip Withnall10-15/+101
2014-05-20website: Add a troubleshooting section to the websitePhilip Withnall1-0/+23
2014-05-20bugs: Add a bug about making it more obvious that Tartan is runningPhilip Withnall1-0/+50
2014-05-09clang-plugin: Fix diagnostics to correctly use format placeholdersPhilip Withnall7-287/+207
2014-05-09tests: Check for all expected error lines rather than just onePhilip Withnall4-21/+32
2014-05-09clang-plugin: Improve error message cosmetics in the GVariant checkerPhilip Withnall1-1/+4
2014-05-09clang-plugin: Fix handling of const types in the GSignal checkerPhilip Withnall1-2/+5
2014-05-08clang-plugin: Add a g_signal_connect() checkerPhilip Withnall11-6/+1337
2014-05-08clang-plugin: Fix a typo in a debug messagePhilip Withnall1-1/+1
2014-05-07clang-plugin: Add missing #includes to gir-manager.hPhilip Withnall1-0/+3
2014-05-07clang-plugin: Improve WARN_EXPR print formatPhilip Withnall1-1/+1
2014-05-07clang-plugin: Fix #define used to enable debug outputPhilip Withnall1-1/+1
2014-05-07bugs: File some new feature idea bugsPhilip Withnall6-0/+172
2014-05-07clang-plugin: Clarify a warning about (allow-none) annotationsPhilip Withnall1-1/+1
2014-05-07build: Remove dependency on gnome-commonPhilip Withnall4-10/+217
2014-05-07build: Rename from gnome-clang to TartanPhilip Withnall27-253/+269
2014-05-07bugs: Add a bug about gedit integrationPhilip Withnall3-0/+82
2014-05-06website: Add release dates to the websitePhilip Withnall1-2/+2
2014-05-06website: Add a link to the 0.2.0 releasePhilip Withnall1-0/+1
2014-05-06Post-release version bumpPhilip Withnall2-1/+7
2014-05-06Release version 0.2.0Philip Withnall1-0/+6
2014-05-06tests: Use the uninstalled gnome-clang and plugin in the testsPhilip Withnall1-2/+8
2014-05-06tests: Fix builddir ≠ srcdir problemsPhilip Withnall1-3/+8
2014-05-06scripts: Use `which clang` instead of hardcoding /usr/binPhilip Withnall1-2/+2
2014-05-06scripts: Support running gnome-clang while uninstalledPhilip Withnall3-4/+22
2014-05-06bugs: Add a comment about diagnostic outputPhilip Withnall2-0/+30
2014-05-06tests: Add tests for existing assertion extraction codePhilip Withnall7-0/+332
2014-05-06clang-plugin: Make failure to load a GI typelib a warning not an errorPhilip Withnall1-2/+2
2014-05-06clang-plugin: Automatically promote int to uint with constant varargsPhilip Withnall2-1/+27
2014-05-06clang-plugin: Don’t confuse integer constants with NULLPhilip Withnall2-1/+10
2014-05-06scripts: Mark gnome-clang as executablePhilip Withnall4-0/+80
2014-05-06tests: Move templates out of wrapper-compiler-errors into new filesPhilip Withnall13-23/+64
2014-05-06clang-plugin: Hard-code GLib functions to ignore for nullability checksPhilip Withnall1-1/+31
2014-05-06clang-plugin: Support (optional) and (nullable) attributesPhilip Withnall4-2/+38
2014-05-06clang-plugin: Add extra debug info on internal warningsPhilip Withnall2-6/+9
2014-05-05clang-plugin: Clarify some nullability checker error messagesPhilip Withnall1-6/+4
2014-05-05clang-plugin: Handle additional Expr types in the assertion extracterPhilip Withnall1-0/+20