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2008-06-16Add support for user-specified bugzilla URL.HEADmasterSteve Frécinaux2-4/+10
I'm not sure if it will work on another bugzilla than, but this way, anyone is able to try and forward me its results ;-) Currently it still defaults to but it might change someday as it becomes less tight to that specific bugzilla.
2008-06-16Fix previous commit.Steve Frécinaux1-2/+2
Sed was a bit quick on some changes.
2008-05-19Use 'git command' instead of 'git-command'.Steve Frécinaux1-8/+8
It has become the recommended way to proceed for some time now. Let's follow it.
2008-01-14Fix a few stringsSteve Frécinaux2-5/+10
2007-07-19Add --squash to send several commits as a single patchSteve Frécinaux1-22/+36
The behaviour is similar to git-merge's --squash option.
2007-07-19Split out the reading of the patch informationSteve Frécinaux1-17/+23
2007-07-19Fix filename generation when --numberedSteve Frécinaux1-1/+1
2007-01-16Gentle error message if a module is missingSteve Frécinaux1-2/+10
A gentle message saying one should install WWW::Mechanize if not available is now displayed, so that perl-unaware people can use git-send-bugzilla more easily. Also configure GetOpt::Long to work like getopt_long from GNU.
2007-01-11Man page and build scriptsSteve Frécinaux5-17/+176
2007-01-09Fix bugs and handle bugzilla outputSteve Frécinaux1-3/+9
Now a message is shown if auth or attachment fail. Also fix the bugs that caused the previous revision of git-send-bugzilla to be broken...
2007-01-08Tiny cleanup (take advantage of list context)Steve Frécinaux1-2/+2
2007-01-08Handle default values when reading git-repo-configSteve Frécinaux1-2/+4
2007-01-08Make git-send-bugzilla options really optionnal.Steve Frécinaux1-14/+10
This involved: - Asking bugzilla username in terminal if not provided. - Making <bugid> a regular argument, required if not --dry-run.
2007-01-08Usage notice won't go on STDERR if called with --helpSteve Frécinaux1-2/+4
2007-01-08Fix rev-list range.Steve Frécinaux1-1/+1
Now git-rev-parse is passed --revs-only. That way, rev-list args are not passed anymore and thus the range can be adjusted properly without pain.
2007-01-08Print infos to STDERR, code reformating and smarter error messagesSteve Frécinaux1-32/+51
Now all status output is sent to STDERR. Also long lines have been reformated in such a way a line is never longuer than 79 chars. When args are bad, an error message is displayed as well as the usage notice.
2007-01-08Make git-send-bugzilla ask for a password if needed.Steve Frécinaux1-2/+14
2007-01-08Mimick the way git-format-patch handles revision numbersSteve Frécinaux1-2/+12
If there is only one commit passed as argument, then send the patches between that commit and HEAD.
2007-01-08Read config values from git-repo-config.Steve Frécinaux1-3/+16
Readable values are: - bugzilla.username (str) - bugzilla.password (str) - bugzilla.numbered (bool)
2007-01-08Add --dry-run capabilitySteve Frécinaux1-4/+6
2007-01-08Factorise out the bits using Mechanize, to have cleaner codeSteve Frécinaux1-28/+48
2007-01-08Add sensible --help message.Steve Frécinaux1-4/+22
2007-01-07Don't try to parse the commit-ids given as arguments.Steve Frécinaux1-24/+7
git-rev-parse call has been dropped. Instead, @ARGV is fed directly to git-rev-list, and the script uses the ability to set only one commit-id for git-diff-tree. As a result, the script is less fragile and may accept any options recognized by git-rev-list.
2007-01-07git-send-bugzilla: attach patches to a GNOME bugzilla bug.Steve Frécinaux1-0/+105
Initial commit.