BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
add-apt-repoHACK: Use a simple echo command to add apt repositoryLuis Araujo5 years
add-bootfstypeWIP Add bootfstypeLuis Araujo4 years
ccu-lava-2014.09.1master: Don't toss the serial connection on power_offSjoerd Simons5 years
ccu-lava-2015.04-bootfstypeAdd bootfstype supportLuis Araujo4 years
masterlava-test-shell: detect deployed distro and boot accordinglyTyler Baker5 years
remove-bzrRemove bzr package from lava-test actionLuis Araujo5 years
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2014-11-25lava-test-shell: detect deployed distro and boot accordinglyHEADmasterTyler Baker2-1/+8
2014-11-25Add OPKG support to the lava-test-shell action.Georgy Redkozubov2-0/+30
2014-11-25Fix typo in comment.Senthil Kumaran S1-2/+2
2014-11-24bootloader: fix bug 891Tyler Baker5-10/+23
2014-11-21Add AdjuvantAction prototype.Neil Williams17-121/+601
2014-11-21Add support for nfsrootNeil Williams14-132/+305
2014-11-21Remove ChecksumActionRémi Duraffort4-72/+30
2014-11-21Test download of local image (file:// scheme)Rémi Duraffort2-0/+157
2014-11-21Test Qcow2 conversionRémi Duraffort3-1/+184
2014-11-20Log the compression behaviour being used.Neil Williams1-0/+3