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2011-04-22Update to spec 0.22.0Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)25-128/+1150
2011-03-18Import CD.I.Messages interface.Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)2-0/+50
2011-01-26Update to spec 0.21.8.Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)47-1010/+4059
2010-11-10Remove Conference.DRAFT interface definition.Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)1-428/+0
2010-10-08Update to spec 0.21.1Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)35-521/+3518
2010-09-20cmake: Removing the autotools build system filesDario Freddi1-1/+0
2010-08-24Pull in XML from spec 0.19.11Olli Salli13-24/+1182
2010-08-04Update to spec 0.19.10Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)14-147/+351
2010-07-12Update to spec 0.19.9Will Thompson3-40/+110
2010-06-30Update to spec 0.19.8Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)14-364/+1449
2010-06-15Update to spec 0.19.7Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)28-105/+2808
2010-04-15Added missing tp:type definitions to make code generator happy.Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)2-2/+2
2010-04-15Update to spec 0.19.5Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)17-187/+579
2010-02-26spec: Add some missing types that trip up the Qt4 codegen.Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)2-2/+2
2010-02-26Update to spec 0.19.1Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)25-106/+3687
2009-10-05Update to spec 0.18.0Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)1-1/+1
2009-09-22Update to spec 0.17.28Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)30-958/+746
2009-06-10Import telepathy-spec 0.17.26Andre Moreira Magalhaes (andrunko)10-41/+35
2009-05-27Import telepathy-spec 0.17.25, plus a patch to errors.xml to correct error na...Simon McVittie7-171/+333
2009-05-07Update to telepathy-spec 0.17.24 (UpdateParameters, CreateAccount API break)Simon McVittie5-18/+343
2009-04-22spec: update to telepathy-spec 0.17.23Simon McVittie44-937/+2303
2009-02-10Update to spec 0.17.19 and enable File Transfer code generationSimon McVittie35-288/+2075
2009-01-07Update to spec 0.17.17Simon McVittie9-56/+169
2009-01-06Messages: add the necessary metadata to do code-gen in QtSimon McVittie1-3/+36
2009-01-06Update to telepathy-spec 0.17.16Simon McVittie41-492/+2246
2008-11-26spec/ fix out-of-tree build by using GNU-specific $(wildcard) ope...Simon McVittie1-1/+1
2008-11-26spec: distribute all XML files, partially fixing `make distcheck`Simon McVittie1-42/+1
2008-11-20Reset spec to version 0.17.14Simon McVittie1-1/+1
2008-10-31Update to spec 0.17.4Olli Salli37-304/+3652
2008-08-13Fix make distOlli Salli1-0/+1
2008-07-25Sync with my latest tp-spec branchOlli Salli8-12/+13
2008-07-25Update to the latest darcs telepathy-spec (my codegen branch)Olli Salli38-469/+1271
2008-07-10Initial commit with types and constants generated.Olli Salli41-0/+9220