AgeCommit message (Expand)AuthorFilesLines
2012-09-03Add initial android androgenized files.HEADmasterHelio Chissini de Castro2-0/+58
2012-09-03Add generated files to avoid faulty autogenHelio Chissini de Castro41-38/+16523
2012-01-26Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible2-2/+6
2012-01-26Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible3-5/+13
2012-01-07Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible4-7/+16
2012-01-04Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible4-6/+16
2011-11-27Speed up configure a bit.Bruno Haible2-1/+12
2011-10-18Support for old NeXTstep 3.3 gcc.Bruno Haible2-1/+7
2011-10-18Fix a ChangeLog entry.Bruno Haible1-1/+1
2011-10-18Update from libtool-2.4.2, with modifications.Bruno Haible5-102/+302
2011-10-15Avoid crash in *printf functions for invalid format string with dollar.Bruno Haible2-0/+12
2011-10-15Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible4-44/+114
2011-10-15Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible4-8/+18
2011-10-04Mention portability to MacOS X 10.7.Bruno Haible1-1/+4
2011-10-04xgettext for Scheme: Understand guile 2.0 comment syntax, part 2.Bruno Haible3-8/+115
2011-10-04xgettext for Scheme: Understand guile 2.0 comment syntax, part 1.Bruno Haible2-12/+15
2011-10-03Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible2-4/+28
2011-09-17Update after gnulib changed.Bruno Haible4-0/+18
2011-09-10iconv.m4: Add support for MSVC compiler.Bruno Haible2-2/+7
2011-09-10Update from gnulib: fix "make -q" problem.Bruno Haible4-6/+28
2011-08-28Updated translation.Bruno Haible2-257/+297
2011-08-12Comment.Bruno Haible2-0/+9
2011-08-07Update after gnulib changed.Bruno Haible2-1/+11
2011-07-30Fix xgettext crash when extracting a message with plural that is excluded.Bruno Haible5-13/+30
2011-07-30Update after gnulib changed.Bruno Haible4-5/+16
2011-07-08Recommend the use of aclocal's --install option.Bruno Haible2-0/+18
2011-07-07Avoid literal tabs.Bruno Haible2-8/+18
2011-07-07Complete the change in vasnprintf.c from 2010-04-10.Bruno Haible2-4/+16
2011-07-07Update after gnulib changed.Bruno Haible6-64/+10
2011-07-07Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible2-1/+14
2011-07-03Update copyright year.Bruno Haible1-1/+1
2011-06-13Avoid compilation error on Solaris 7 with cc.Bruno Haible2-2/+12
2011-06-08Fix a link error due to rpl_wcrtomb on Solaris 9.Bruno Haible2-1/+7
2011-06-07Ensure mbstate_t gets defined in libasprintf.Bruno Haible2-0/+6
2011-06-07Update after gnulib changed.Bruno Haible2-2/+7
2011-06-07libgrep needs mbrlen.Bruno Haible2-0/+5
2011-06-07Ensure intmax_t gets defined in libasprintf.Bruno Haible7-2/+22
2011-06-07Avoid link error when linking statically on AIX 7.Bruno Haible2-1/+6
2011-06-07libxml: Detect installed libxml2 versions which don't define xmlFree().Bruno Haible2-7/+18
2011-06-07Fix link error on Cygwin 1.5.x.Bruno Haible2-1/+7
2011-06-07Update from gnulib, use verify.h.Bruno Haible10-12/+282
2011-06-07Copyright: Use LGPL 2.1 instead of LGPL 2.0.Bruno Haible104-1475/+923
2011-06-07Update Haible2-0/+6
2011-06-07Update after gnulib changed.Bruno Haible4-33/+41
2011-06-07Avoid reference to unset shell variable.Bruno Haible2-2/+7
2011-06-07Update wget commands for config.guess and config.sub.Ben Elliston2-3/+7
2011-06-07Fix description of --use-first in msgcat documentation.Bruno Haible6-10/+22
2011-06-07Update from gnulib.Bruno Haible2-3/+6
2011-06-07Assume ANSI C behaviour of free().Bruno Haible2-2/+8
2011-06-07On Cygwin, use /proc file system instead of win32 API.Bruno Haible2-29/+29