AgeCommit message (Collapse)AuthorFilesLines
2011-05-17add quotes around CPPFLAGSHEADmasterDerek Foreman1-1/+1
2011-05-13Support building for AndroidDerek Foreman3-0/+43
2011-05-13gratuitous changes to fileDerek Foreman1-10/+4
2011-03-23Fix some potential problems on reallocation failuresChris Evans1-10/+10
The count was incremented before the allocation and not fixed in case of failure * xpath.c: corrects a few instances where the available count of some structure is updated before we know the allocation actually succeeds
2011-03-23Improve documentation a bitDaniel Veillard3-5/+7
2011-03-07Updated URL for lxml python bindingsDaniel Veillard65-80/+80
Also fixed the warning for XPath threaded usage a bit
2011-02-23__xmlRaiseError: fix use of the structured callback channelDmitry V. Levin1-13/+8
If the structured callback channel is initialized, do not perform unneeded initialization of the old callback channel to avoid clobbering of the structured callback channel's data.
2011-02-23__xmlRaiseError: fix the structured callback channel's data initializationDmitry V. Levin1-1/+4
if we initialize the structured channel from the sax handler we should also pass the userData
2011-02-23__xmlRaiseError: remove redundant schannel initializationDmitry V. Levin1-8/+0
In case the domain is XML_FROM_VALID, ctxt and schannel are already initialized earlier with the same data
2011-02-23__xmlRaiseError: do cheap code check earlyDmitry V. Levin1-2/+2
if error code is XML_ERR_OK return immediately
2011-02-18Fix memory corruptionRob Richards1-0/+1
when xmlParseBalancedChunkMemoryInternal is called from xmlParseBalancedChunk
2010-11-18Small fix for previous commitDaniel Veillard1-1/+2
2010-11-17Fix a potential freeing error in XPathDaniel Veillard1-4/+8
2010-11-17634846 Remove a linking option breaking Windows VC10Daniel Veillard1-1/+3
as pointed out by David Connet <>
2010-11-15599241 fix an initialization problem on Win64Andrew W. Nosenko1-4/+2
as the thread_t is not an integral datatype on that platform
2010-11-15Fix a potential memory access errorDaniel Veillard1-2/+2
in case of a previus allocation error
2010-11-10fix win buildRob Richards1-3/+3
2010-11-04Reactivate the shared library versionning scriptDaniel Veillard1-1/+1
2010-11-04Release of libxml2-2.7.8Daniel Veillard43-44/+456
2010-11-04595789 fix a remaining potential Solaris problemDaniel Veillard1-1/+1
2010-11-04480323 add code to plug in ICU converters by defaultGiuseppe Iuculano8-286/+592
This is not configured in by default but after some serious massaging incorporate that patch from Chromium/Chrome.
2010-11-04607273 Fix python detection on MSys/WindowsLRN2-13/+32
Fix the lookup for python executable and headers, add an extra variable for new dependancies when linking for Python on Win32
2010-11-04606592 update language ID parser to RFC 5646Daniel Veillard1-37/+159
Mostly except we keep support for some older constructs and don't implement extension or privateuse. It's messy because it's used mostly by XSD datatype which itself reference RFC 3066 and suggests a lexical space completely different from what 5646 defines.
2010-11-04617468 fix progressive HTML parsing with style using "'"Denis Pauk1-1/+1
Style and script can contain ',"". This patch fixes call htmlParseLookupSequence with set flag 'ignoreattrval' to ignore this char
2010-11-04614087 Fix Socket API usage to allow Windows64 compilationOzkan Sezer14-239/+238
In Windows 64 a socket is no more represented by an int, this breaks the nanoftp API and nanoftp/nanohttp, the patch changes this and fix the API for Win64 Regenerated the XML and documentation as a result too.
2010-11-04616478 Fix xmllint shell write commandGwenn Kahz1-1/+1
The current node wasn't passed down !
2010-11-04614005 Possible erroneous HTML parsing on unterminated scriptPierre Belzile1-3/+5
Fix a nasty error handling problem when an error happen at the end of the input buffer.
2010-11-04618831 don't ship generated files in gitAdrian Bunk4-1572/+0
remove INSTALL install-sh missing
2010-11-04Switch from the obsolete mkinstalldirs to AC_PROG_MKDIR_PAdrian Bunk8-174/+14
This was obsoleted in 2005 so we should be safe. But keep AC_PREREQ to 2.59 as it's still widely deployed.
2010-11-03627987 Fix XSD IDC errors in imported schemasJim Panetta1-0/+5
Fix XSD IDC references when xsi:schemalocation is used for referencing the validation schemas
2010-11-03629325 XPath rounding errors first cleanupPhil Shafer1-3/+11 not a full solution as Vincent Lefevre pointed out but an incremental improvement over the status-quo
2010-11-03630140 better fix for iso995x encoding errorDaniel Veillard1-7/+3
Changing semantic of xmlCharEncInFunc() wasn't the proper way to do this, better change UTF8ToISO8859x() appropriately
2010-11-03Various cleanups on encoding handlingDaniel Veillard1-36/+37
Done while chasing previous bug
2010-11-03630140 fix iso995x encoding errorDaniel Veillard1-1/+5 Fix the bug, which happen when using the embedded converters and not iconv
2010-11-03Fix compilation with ClangKoop Mast1-1/+1
Don't redefine vsnprintf if it is available
2010-11-03Add xmlSaveOption XML_SAVE_WSNONSIGAdam Spragg3-10/+107
non destructive indentation option using spaces within markup constructs and hence not modifying content * include/libxml/xmlsave.h: new option * xmlsave.c: some refactoring and new code for the new option * xmllint.c: adds --pretty option where option 2 uses the new formatting
2010-11-01Fix xmllint to use format=1 for default formattingAdam Spragg1-8/+8
* xmllint.c: again the goal is ultimately to use other values for a different semantic.
2010-11-01Force _xmlSaveCtxt.format to be 0 or 1Adam Spragg1-16/+16
* xmlsave.c: force _xmlSaveCtxt.format to be 0 or 1 and check accordingly, this will allow other values of "format" to be used for other purposes.
2010-11-01Cleanup encoding pointer comparisonNikolay Sivov1-2/+2
* parser.c: Compare encoding pointer with a NULL instead of xmlCharEncoding enum value 0 then casted to char * !
2010-10-28make sure htmlCtxtReset do reset the disableSAX fieldDaniel Veillard1-0/+1
As pointed out by Stefan Behnel <>
2010-10-22Fix a change of semantic on XPath preceding and following axisDaniel Veillard1-16/+17
This was introduced in the prevous fix, while preceding-sibling and following sibling axis are empty for attributes and namespaces, preceding and following axis should still work based on the parent element. However the parent element is not available for a namespace node, so we keep the axis empty in that case.
2010-10-15Fix a potential segfault due to weak symbols on pthreadsMike Hommey2-3/+5
In xmlInitParser, both __xmlGlobalInitMutexLock and xmlInitGlobals are called before xmlInitThreads, and both use pthread symbols. __xmlGlobalInitMutexLock does so directly, without checking if the symbol exists, and xmlInitGlobals calls xmlNewMutex, which correctly depends on libxml_is_threaded... except libxml_is_threaded is still -1 by then... And again, when releasing the global mutex in __xmlGlobalInitMutexUnlock, the pthread function is called directly. The patch changes the initialization order and make sure the functions are available before calling them
2010-10-15Fix devhelp documentation installationMike Hommey1-3/+3
When doing an out of tree build
2010-10-15Sort python generated stubsMike Hommey1-2/+2
to avoid shuffling each time python changes or on different architectures
2010-10-15Fix a leak in XPath compilationDaniel Veillard1-1/+4
Sometimes a not well formed XPath expression could lead to a leak as reported by Ralf Junker <>
2010-10-15Fix the semantic of XPath axis for namespace/attribute context nodesDaniel Veillard1-4/+16
The processing of namespace and attributes nodes was not compliant to the XPath-1.0 specification
2010-10-14Avoid a descriptor leak in catalog loading codeCarlo Bramini1-5/+2
File descriptors could be leaked in xmlLoadFileContent()
2010-10-12Fix a small bug in XPath evaluation codeMarius Wachtler1-1/+1
2010-09-30Fix web site encoding problemsDaniel Veillard124-334/+347
The encoding.html page was generated incorectly, revamp the input xml.html and convert the full XSLT chain to use and serve it as UTF-8 * doc/*: fix xml.html, update all stylesheets and regenerate
2010-09-09Fix handling of XML-1.0 XML namespace declarationDaniel Veillard2-4/+19
Usually 'xml' namespace for XML-1.0 declaration does not need to be carried but Mike Hommey raised the problem that the SVG XSD file fails to parse due to a mishandling. - SAX2.c: failure to create a namespace should not be interpreted as a memory allocation error - tree.c: document better xmlNewNs behaviour, and fix it in the case the 'xml' prefix is being used.